Gita Values

Climate Change, Within.

A 5000 year old crucial conversation, on a battlefield, holds all solutions to climate change within, and hence, with-out.

About the Event

Gita Values

The Climate is changing faster than humans can. We are consumed by a problem much larger than us, due to an acute spiritual deficit. 5000 years ago, a warrior on a battlefield, heard from his dear friend, an amazing counsel that changed him instantly, inside out. Climate change within, each of us, will bring climate change without. Lets start with you & me .


5 sessions that will change you inside out, and keep you climate ready.


Dance, Music, Chants combine to depict Gita values in climate change.

Gita Planting

Join Us in our mission to plant 25,000 saplings nurtured by Gita chants.

Gita Challenge

Show us your talent by submitting the theme related media contest.

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Gita Values Workshop

Workshop completed. We will mail you the online course invitation soon after registration.

From the world’s largest publishers of the Gita (87 languages), this 2-day course will enable you to become all that you need to be the best child of Earth and spread the awareness to others too. Come, learn, ask questions, and contribute to the world by expressing your knowledge through exciting competitions and awards.


Your Facilitator

His Holiness Bhakti Vinoda Swami from ISKCON has been teaching the wisdom of the Gita for over 40 years. He has given more than 250 Bhagavad Gita interactive workshops in India & abroad including the University of Texas at Arlington, Stanford University, UNSW Sydney ,etc., with a keen interest in the youth.

Gitathon '22

Program got completed successfully on 3rd Dec'22.

Thousands of students and professionals congregate to demonstrate their knowledge and skills culled from the Gita to showcase solutions to climate change through Gita drama, dance, chants and learning of the core content of the Gita. All the visitors are given Gita Saplings to plant them in multiple locations in the city, using the #gitaplanting in Social Media to create a buzz.

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Gita Planting Drive

Program got completed successfully on 4th Dec'22.

Planting saplings can cure climate change. Whereas planting saplings with Gita Values can prevent it. Receive the saplings on December 3rd on the Gitathon Event, plant them the next day while reciting the Gita Chants, and share your contribution with #gitaplanting. To know more about how really the prevention of climate change works, register and attend the Gita Values sessions.

The Gita Climate Challenge '22

Last date of submission on or before 

28, December 2022

The participants of the Gita Values course will express those knowledge attained through competitions – article writing, video making, or podcast presentation.

Express an “Arjuna moment” of your life and draw a solution to it, gathered from the Gita values workshop. Relate as to how it is connected to the climate crisis of the world and how the solution from the Gita can prevent it. You may do this through any one of the following:

Blog Post

The article should be between 500 to 800 words 

Posted in ‘Medium’, a free blog hosting platform, and the link is to be shared in a google form that will be sent later on.

Relevant to the theme of Gita Values, climate change within 

Articulated clearly, and creatively.

Submitted on time.

No changes after submission, or duplicate submission.

Video Making

Relevant to the theme of Gita Values, climate change within

The video must be 3 to 5 minutes long.

The video must be uploaded in YouTube and the link is to be shared in a google form that will be sent later on.

Strictly no obscene content in the form of language, sound or imagery.

animation format is allowed

Articulated clearly, and creatively.

Must be submitted in mp4 format

Must be submitted on time.

No changes after submission, or duplicate submission.


8 to 15 minutes long.

In mp3 format

Submitted on time.

No changes after submission, or duplicate submission.

The podcast must be uploaded in Anchor FM, a free podcast hosting platform and the link is to be shared in a google form that will be sent later on.

Event Process

Kindly go through the chart and video to know more about your journey in this events.

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Frequently asked questions

College students and working professionals

Yes! You can register and attend under the working professional category either in the venue or online (in teachable)

For Gita Values Workshop last date of registration is 25th November

For Gitathon’22 last date of registration is 02nd December


Any student who registers and attends the Gita Values workshop is eligible to participate in the Gita Challenge (not for working professionals)

  1. Creativity & Originality of the content
  2. Number of Views & Likes
  3. Relevance to Theme

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