Gita Values

Climate Change, Within.

A 5000 year old crucial conversation, on a battlefield, holds all solutions to climate change within, and hence, with-out. Register today and find out how you have it in you.

About the Event

Gita Values

The Climate is changing faster than humans can. We are consumed by a problem much larger than us, due to an acute spiritual deficit. 5000 years ago, a warrior on a battlefield, heard from his dear friend, an amazing counsel that changed him instantly, inside out. Climate change within, each of us, will bring climate change without. Lets start with you & me .

Gita for Change

5 day course that will cover the essentials of imbibing Gita Values to live life blissfully, meaningfully and successfully.

Poster Making

Immerse into a colorful world and unleash your creativity and problem solving skills by creating VISUALLY IMPACTFUL POSTERS


Dance, Music, Chants combine to depict Gita values in climate change in a Grand Mega Event.

Gita for Change


Your kids deserve the best. Your kids can change the world. ISKCON COIMBATORE provides the pathway for your kids. Let them in, through these pathways, and make a difference.

The five day “GITA FOR CHANGE” course for school children, is uniquely designed and structured to cover the essentials of imbibing Gita Values to live life blissfully, meaningfully and successfully.

A Gateway for Change (Level -I)

Aim of the course

ALL the participants of the FIVE DAY GITA FOR CHANGE COURSE will receive a GITA FOR CHANGE KIT that consists of one special Children’s edition BHAGAVAD GITA AS IT IS book and other Gifts, worth Rs.350/- and a Participation Certificate. A grand final GITATHON’23 event towards the end of January 2024, will be the highlight of the series of events.

  • First Prize – Rs 15,000/-,
  • Second Prize – Rs.10,000/- and
  • Third Prize – Rs.5,000/-

and consolation prizes or special mention prizes from the judges of the event.

Engage Potential

To unlock your children’s full potential by engaging them in interactive activities

Discovery Journey

To facilitate a unique opportunity to travel on a five day journey of self-discovery filled with fun and frolic.

Talent Unearthed

To unearth your children’s inner talents which become the cornerstone of their future

Good Causes

To fulfil the dream of every parent –children learn to use their potential for good causes, namely, to save Mother Earth and affect Climate Change transformations in human society.

Gita Transform

To transform “Change Within” resulting in change in the perspectives towards Climate change through Gita Values.

Poster Making

Competition: Level 2

Time to submit: ONE WEEK from
the last day of the FIVE DAY COURSE.

Another aspect of GITATHON ’23 is to rekindle the ability to imagine and hone the creative skills of the children to provide solutions for a sustainable planet, connect with nature, and figure out the changes they want to inculcate in themselves to make the world a better place . 

A wonderful opportunity to immerse into a colourful world and unleash their creativity and
problem solving skills by creating VISUALLY IMPACTFUL POSTERS.

Poster Selection Process

  • Intra School Level – Top three best posters will be selected within each school. These posters will be eligible for the Inter School Level competition.
  • Inter School Level – Three Best Posters among all the schools will be selected and Awards will be given. This is an AWARD WINNING COMPETITION for the School.
  • The 5 Team participants of the winning school will be given certificates of Merit and prizes.
  • The Team participants of other schools will receive participation certificates.
  • The selection will be done based on fixed parameters for both the poster and the oral presentation by the team. 80% for the poster and 20% for the presentation by the team before the judges.



Gita and Climate Change

Suggested size of the poster:
Minimum size 27x 40 (inches)
Maximum size 80×120 (inches)

Gitathon '23

Jan 2024

“Experience the Grand Finale of Gitathon ’23: Unleashing Innovation with Great Minds! Join us for a thrilling celebration featuring exceptional individuals, exclusive certificates, and exciting prizes. Don’t miss this epic culmination of creativity and collaboration!”

Event Process

Kindly go through the chart and video to know more about your journey in this events.

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6th to 12th standard Students

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Any student who registers and attends the Gita Values course is eligible to participate in the Poster Making competition